Using Fashion to make the world a better place - Part 2

The SA-Foundation – their commitment in Germany

This post is second post in series of 2. Checkout the first part here


Today the SA Foundation has 15 partners in North America, Europe and Asia. In Germany there are already partner organizations such as the Association Kainos in Stuttgart and the organization The Pink Door in Berlin. If you were to happily assume that forced prostitution was not a big issue in such a safe country as Germany, you would be sadly mistaken. In Berlin alone, the number of brothels is estimated at 500. Travel agencies organize special trips that can be up to 8 days, advertising them with slogans such as "totally legal" and "safe" and promise "100 naked women only in high heels". There is even an airport pick-up!

Relief agencies estimate that up to 200,000 women in Germany work as prostitutes, where 65% to 80 % are of foreign origin, mostly from Romania and Bulgaria. An afflicted Romanian woman said that she had to pay 800 euros a week to her pimp. She could hardly leave the brothel and she knew nothing of the city, only the nearby Esso station where she was allowed to buy cigarettes and snacks - but even then being accompanied by a guardian. "They said they know enough people in Romania and knew where my family lived ... that was enough." Now and then she had the opportunity to call her mother, she had to lie and tell her of her great life in Germany. It was the same with the police: she was told exactly what she had to say at the occasional police raids: that she was here voluntarily and she enjoyed her job.

To offer these girls a way out of the extortion and to give them a perspective, a first meeting between the SA Foundation and interested parties from Berlin took place in March 2015. By autumn, the persons concerned had been instructed and trained by the SA Foundation. Today Berlin has its first accommodation for the girls and the reintegration program has begun.

The SA-Foundation-Program – here’s why it is so special

The SA program model has 5 special features which make it stand out from other models and organizations:

  1. The program model has been developed to meet the special needs of sexually abused women, or those who have become victims of trafficking. Not only does it offer accommodation, but also a comprehensive reintegration program.
  2. The SA Foundation model provides long-term assistance and support (up to 7 years).
  3. The program not only provides the women and girls with help and support, but also their children.
  4. As a very specific target group is in focus, the young women and girls have the opportunity to meet with peers and to come into contact with people who have suffered a similar fate.
  5. The program aims to model a family atmosphere where the program participants live side by side with volunteers in a home together.

How fashion can make the world a better place

We all get dressed - every day. We all like to dress nicely and are willing to pay the price. Imagine how much money could be collected, if the idea of donating a portion of company profits was commonplace. Just imagine what enormous sums would come together and how much better we could make our world. Because, not only chic clothing is in - being fair and making a social commitment is just as in. And you can be a part of it - goodsociety can show you how.


Dietrich Weigel
Dietrich Weigel


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