Using fashion to make the world a better place – here’s how

Fashion should look good. Our clothing is a reflection of ourselves and we can use it to express what we like, how we are and what is important to us.

using fashion to change the world

At the same time, there is increasing public awareness, to no longer thoughtlessly abuse our planet’s resources and that peaceful and sustainable living is only possible, if we all work together and everyone makes their own small contribution to making the world a little better. And that’s what goodsociety is also trying to do. A pair of jeans should not only look good, they should also not make anything worse – in fact, they should even help to make the world a little bit better.

To make its own small contribution goodsociety gives a quarter of its corporate profits to the SA Foundation. The organization provides support to young girls, who have been forced into prostitution or become victims of human trafficking. Fear, addiction, poor education and lack of prospects make it almost impossible for many girls to escape the vicious circle of violence and prostitution.

That's where the concept of the SA Foundation meets the values cherished by goodsociety: Sustainability is paramount. A sustainable and stable improvement of the situation of the women and girls affected requires long-term monitoring and opportunities to meet the special needs of the sexually abused and maltreated women and their children. The women are accompanied and supported from between 3 and 7 years, in order to recover from their terrible experiences and to slowly find their way back to a "normal" life.

The SA Foundation was established in 1989 in Calgary, Alberta. An extensive project resulted out of the initial pilot project in the following 11 years with the establishment of several types of accommodation; for crisis intervention; one day training programs on topics such as alcohol and drug rehabilitation; basic skills training .... There is even provision of a babysitting service for the women’s children. Several business initiatives have been set up and various job training programs are offered to give the young women the opportunity of establishing a lasting and independent livelihood.

In response to growing interest from various municipalities that wanted to offer the SA Foundation’s program in their cities, the first licenses for the SA Foundation program model were developed. The SA Foundation began collaborating with existing organizations and provided them with their program. Since 2015, the Foundation has been providing its program to more and more organizations, supporting them in its implementation, in the training of mentors and coaches and helping with financing through various fundraising projects.

Without financial support and donations, the SA Foundation’s goals and visions could not be realized. The 25 % of corporate profits that goodsociety donates is a contribution to help the organization to successfully grow, in order for more and more girls to be helped out of the cycle of prostitution.


How exactly the SA Foundation program works and what their commitment in Germany is, will follow soon .....

"Many little people, in many little places, who do many little things, can change the face of the world". (Stefan Zweig)

Dietrich Weigel
Dietrich Weigel


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