10 Details that make for the perfect jeans

We all know it – the tiresome search for the perfect jeans. They should fit comfortably without tweaking, be flattering and in our case be sustainable as well. Every time we discover a new pair of hopefuls, we end up being disappointed in the changing room: too tight, poor fit, too long…….

In order to make sure your next search runs more smoothly, we would like to share the most important features that make for the perfect jeans.

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1. hand sewn, contoured waistband
A contoured waistband that has been made by hand ensures an optimal fit. It stays snug
regardless of movement and doesn’t even bulge when squatting.

2. Vegan Back Patch
A high-quality back patch is a sure sign that the manufacturer attaches great importance to the quality of the details. Where you would mostly find leather, a back patch made from Alcantara offers a valuable alternative for vegans. Not only does the microfiber fleece look good, it is also produced in an environmentally friendly closed circuit system.

3. neatly sewn Belt Loops
The belt loops are a reliable give away as to whether the jeans label values good
craftsmanship, or not. The loops are often badly attached and untidily sewn. Be on the
lookout for belt loops which are neatly and carefully attached to the waistband.

4. Finishings
Buttons should not only be sewn on well, but should also be easily opened and closed. The same applies to zips. In addition, they should be of high quality and the colors should not run or rub off. Buttons that are made of recycled materials are particularly sustainable. They conserve resources as well as the environment.

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5. position and design of Pockets
The design and position of the pockets, as well as the height of the saddle, which is the distance between the pockets and the waistband, determine the way our rear end looks in a pair of denims. A higher cut saddle and slightly oblique inside pocket edges give the female buttocks a beautiful, shapely look, while straight cut pockets can make a butt seem big and drooping. The same is also true, by the way, for males.

6. Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is not contaminated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers and thus protects not only the environment, but also the workers who produce it. Organic cotton consumes around ¾ less water and leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional cotton. Standards like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantee natural farming practices, the sustainable use of resources and compliance with ethical working conditions.

7. Made in Italy
Locally produced jeans not only guarantee higher quality and labor standards when compared with jeans that are mostly produced in Southeast Asian, but they also score high due to greatly reduced logistics. Particularly with jeans that are “made in Italy”, you can rely on it being a high-quality product. The Italians certainly know their trade and win hands down with innovative, environmentally friendly finishing techniques.

8. CO2 Footprint
Sustainable labels rely on environmentally friendly production techniques, which already minimize their harmful CO2 emissions. Even then, it is impossible to have zero emissions. Organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Treedom, offer a compensation, in which the produced quantity of CO2 is compensated by supporting holistic reforestation projects.

9. timeless Style
Trends are short-lived, which relegates the recently propagated “in” jeans after about 2 seasons to the closet. Keep up-to-date with jeans that have classic cuts and timeless styles, in order to always have a reliable companion.

10. Material Mix
To keep your jeans bouncing back to shape, particularly after having been worn, spandex should be blended with the cotton. However, the amount of spandex is important and shouldn`t exceed 5%, as a high elastane content may adversely affect the seat of your pants and just make them look unshapely after a short while.

At goodsociety, we would like to produce jeans that meet at least all of the above mentioned

aspects. Take a look for yourself and learn more about our sustainable philosophy:


Dietrich Weigel
Dietrich Weigel


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Csrole Lifdste
Csrole Lifdste

March 25, 2016

Could you please tell me where I can buy your jeans in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Thank you.
I love your jeans!!!

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